First Days and Remote Learner Information

First Days Information and Remote Learning
Posted on 09/09/2020

First Days Communication

Welcome Back to all of our students both in school and remote learners.  We hope that you had a wonderful summer.  We all know that school is going to look very different.  Many thanks to our staff who got the school and their classrooms ready to go for this week.

Students arrived at school wearing masks - our students in Grades 4-8 wore them all day long with no problems, and our students in JK - 3 did a great job of wearing them, taking some age-appropriate breaks when necessary.


The students had time to practice how to physically distance, and adapted very quickly to the routines at school. We were so proud of our students, and are so excited that we are all back together!


We will continue with our staggered entry plans this week so our students get a couple of more days to become more comfortable with our new routines

As we said to the students, it will be a different year, but we are going to make a good one.  While a lot of things look different and we have different rules, we have the upmost confidence that it will be a great year.   

Daily Schedule

8:55-10:35   Class  Time

10:35-10:55 Nutritional Break

10:55-11:15 Recess

11:15-12:55 Class Time

12:55-1:15   Nutritional Break

1:15-1:35     Recess

1:35-3:15     Class Time

Daily Screening at home

As per Public Health guidelines, every student and staff member is to self screen before coming to school each day. The screener is below. Keep it handy for reference everyday. Please review Dr. Moore’s video on what happens if your child begins to feel unwell at school. We will be phoning you to pick your child up and appreciate your understanding in coming promptly. 

Please check out video from Dr. K. Moore - KFLA Public Health -

Elementary Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning – Phase 1: Supporting students learning virtually from the Home School (September 8 – 18, 2020)

  • All elementary students who have opted out of face-to-face learning will be provided with asynchronous learning activities via LDSB email from their home school classroom educator on September 8, 2020

  • The home school classroom educator will monitor progress of learning during this period through periodic check-ins (e.g. phone calls home).

  • All students in virtual learning during this time-frame will be provided with access to synchronous online support from contract elementary educators not currently assigned to teach face-to-face, and central program staff.

  • Opt-in/out dates: anytime on or before September 14


Remote Learners at Tamworth/Enterprise: Remote learners remain on our class-lists here for Phase 1 of Remote Learning. This phase is a transition phase while the Virtual School is being staffed. Remote families should have already received a call from the classroom teacher to let them know their placement and to collect an email. From this point you may receive some of the communication that the whole class is receiving if it is relevant, as well as any assignments and/or content that your child could engage with at home. It is recognized that much of our content right now is around routines and "getting to know you" activities. Classroom staff will share what they can, even a "get to know you" activity may be appropriate.


If you are having difficulty accessing your students’ Limestone email, or are new to Limestone, please contact the board’s Information Technology Services team at 613.417.3559 Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Phase 2 of remote learning will begin September 24 and will see elementary students placed in virtual classes with other elementary students from across the district with a dedicated teacher who will be assigned to the virtual school. Students will then follow a regular timetable for learning as they would in in-person school with online classes beginning at 9 a.m. and ending by 3:20 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Please read more about the LDSB Virtual School.


If you would like to opt in or out anytime on or before September 14, 2020, please call your home school. Another opportunity to opt in or out at a later date is still to be determined.

If you are interested in remote learning that is not online/virtual, and you have not already shared this information with your home school, or have other questions, please email Sara Wellwood, LDSB Virtual School Elementary Lead Administrator, or call 613.817.9322 (as of September 8).


 The classroom  teacher will have a method of communication with parents.  Our school also uses a program called CommuicateSchool Messenger to push out communications electronically.  It is available for your phone/tablet.  Visit either our website or the LDSB site for instructions on how to install and get our updates.



Stay tuned for information about upcoming School Council Nominations and Election.  

School Year Calendar

A school year calendar is available at the following link School Year Calendar

Medical Awareness

If your son or daughter have a significant medical condition that could affect their school day please contact Mrs. Boutilier. Example Asthma  or anaphylaxis.

The Importance of Punctuality

When students arrive late to school, they are often missing key components of the lesson for that day which places them at a disadvantage academically. Helping our students be punctual not only improves their time management skills, it helps to ensure they receive the full benefit of their teacher’s instruction.  If arriving late - please ring the bell and a staff member will come and take your child to their classroom


The safety of your child is a number one concern for us. There are multiple ways of notifying us.  The best way is through the safe arrival portion of the Communicate App, or through a link on our school web page.  Once you login you will be able to mark you child absent - there is no late function - once they arrive at school, if late, we will change it.  The second way is to call the school.  Thank you. 


Students are allowed to have a second pair of shoes.  Changing shoes will look different as we reduce congestion in the hallways.


This year students will not be able to get notes to go to a friends house - if this changes we will let you know.  Information about cancellations or late busses can be found on the triboard website - 

Soudant Bussing

719 - Jennie Butler 

724 - Jennifer Hunter

 School Day Permissions and Payments

 This is a system that you will register for with a unique code  provided by the school. All permission forms for trips and events are created in this program and sent out electronically. This is where payments and ordering for events and products will be done. When a product or event is available to you, there will be an email notification sent to you. Payments are done through Credit Card. EFT or Debit.  Will be still using this this year with our consents.